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Strategic insight with mixed reality

As your trusted advisor, we'll help your organization succeed with mixed reality.

Object Theory has been delivering enterprise value with mixed reality since 2015. Mixed reality, IoT, and AI are key components of digital transformation. We help define and implement your digital transformation strategy with mixed reality at the core.

For strategic guidance, custom services, or our mixed reality platform called Prism, please contact us.

Discovery Workshop

Our most common form of strategic engagement with enterprise customers is our Discovery Workshop process. Discovery is an important opportunity to explore and imagine “what if” as examined through the lenses of business viability, technical feasibility, and ultimately, end user desirability. We align business goals, end user needs, and technical capabilities.

Our Discovery Workshop is designed to clarify goals and expectations, and spark initial creative exploration. These interactive sessions are focused on understanding the business context, industry position, problem spaces, success metrics, and how mixed reality fits in.

Next, we identify key opportunity spaces. Often, this includes the process of refining existing concepts and uncovering opportunities to leverage the unique capabilities of mixed reality. Contextual research, interviews with subject matter experts, persona creation, site visits, secondary research on the industry or business model, competitive analysis, technical exploration, and lots of creative brainstorming are just some of the activities that are likely to take place during this stage of Discovery.

Finally, we detail out our design and technical concepts to a level of fidelity that meets our client’s needs. This may mean concept sketches, information architecture diagrams, or interaction design models. It may be business model analysis. Or, it could be a detailed product specification and a project plan with time & cost estimates. This last step takes prepares the client, creative, and technical teams to move forward into the creation of mixed reality applications. We provide a wide-range of services to support these efforts. 

Why hire Object Theory?

• We've delivered dozens of projects to enterprise clients using a variety of technologies including Microsoft HoloLens, Windows Mixed Reality, mobile AR (ARKit/ARCore), cloud, and Internet of Things (IoT), with mixed reality at the core.

• We work collaboratively with our clients as trusted partners, keeping them involved and informed every step of the way.

• We're committed to delighting our customers with high quality products.

• We launched in 2015 as the world’s first Microsoft HoloLens & Windows Mixed Reality company, and we’ve been a member of the Microsoft Mixed Reality Partner Program (MRPP) since early 2016. We now embrace all MR/AR/VR devices relevant to your needs.

• One of our founders was a Principal Lead on the Microsoft HoloLens team, bringing with him invaluable knowledge, insights, and relationships.

• Our technical artists know how to create exceptional 3D experiences that are optimized for the unique constraints of wearable & mobile AR. 

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