Prism by Object Theory

Prism by Object Theory is a HoloLens application that allows participants anywhere in the world to have a shared experience to discuss three dimensional objects and environments in true 3D. This application is powered by the Object Theory Mixed Reality Collaboration Service.

The Object Theory Mixed Reality Collaboration Service helps organizations design and build holographic shared experiences, allowing collaboration in real time from remote locations, enabled by life-size 3D avatars and spatial audio chat. This software includes support for customized avatars, display of 3D models at table top and true scale sizes, audio chat with spatial sound, and annotations. This service helps organizations improve communication with efficient viewing and discussion of 3D models, regardless of the participant's location.

Prism by Object Theory is a limited version that allows up to four participants per session and includes two demo experiences – designing a modern house and planning a mountain hike on Mount Hood.

If you are interested in the commercial version or have questions about this application, please email  


• Avatar-based holographic telepresence
• Spatial audio chat
• Shared experience supporting up to four networked users at a time
• Demo experiences – designing a house and planning a mountain hike
• Display of 3D models at tabletop and true-scale sizes
• Annotations in 3D space

To download Prism by Object Theory to your HoloLens, you can search for “Prism” or “Object Theory” within the Microsoft Store app on your device, or if you are visiting this page from Microsoft Edge on the HoloLens, you can air tap the download button below.

Current Application Version:

Beta 2 (v1.0.2), released on 29 November 2017. Please update Prism by Object Theory using the Windows Store app if you are running an older version.

Known Issues - Beta 2 (v1.0.2)

This list was updated on 29 November 2017
• If you attempt to place the table before the narrator finishes saying, “Please wait a few seconds while we map your space”, the application may freeze. Please wait at least three seconds to place the table. We are working on a fix to this. To recover from an application freeze, tap the power button on the back left of the HoloLens and then tap it a second time to wake from sleep. Then, relaunch the application.

• If you host a network session and then lose device tracking (e.g. step too close to a wall or walk into a dark area), your network session may be duplicated in the session manager listing and people will have trouble connecting to your session. In some cases, this may result in an application freeze for the user attempting to join your network session. We are working on a fix to this. To recover from an application freeze, tap the power button on the back left of the HoloLens and then tap it a second time to wake from sleep. Then, relaunch the application.

• If your volume is maxed out on your HoloLens, you may hear an echo when you speak. To reduce the echo, please reduce the volume of your HoloLens speakers.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

I am getting an error message from the Windows Store app on the HoloLens when attempting to download Prism by Object Theory. How do I resolve this?
Based on our research, we believe that Microsoft is forcing users to do a mandatory update of their app store first. It seems as though users are not allowed to download and install HoloLens applications until first updating the Windows Store app to the new Microsoft Store app. Microsoft recently went through a rebranding of their online app store, and it seems as though they are blocking new application installations until you download the store update first. If your app store application is still named “Windows Store”, you need to update. Launch the Windows Store app, air tap the three dots in the upper right corner of the application window, and then air tap “Downloads and updates”. From that screen, air tap the blue “Get updates” button. After the Microsoft Store app updates in the list and you have confirmed that the app is now titled “Microsoft Store” on your HoloLens, launch the new Microsoft Store app and search for “Prism” or “Object Theory". This should allow you to install our application.

I want to try the multi-user networking feature of the application, but no one was online when I used it. Will you help me try this feature?

Absolutely! Please email We’ll get a session scheduled for you.

What is the email address for contacting Object Theory about this application?

Please email

Do you have a privacy policy for this application?
Yes. Please visit the Prism by Object Theory Privacy Policy page.

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