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Our mixed reality platform – Prism

Prism by Object Theory is a mixed reality enterprise platform that improves business productivity by integrating mixed reality into existing workflows.

This platform enables efficient, centralized management of users, security, spaces, and content in a single cross-platform application. Prism helps organizations deliver efficiency gains in a variety of use cases including product design, sales, space planning, training, task guidance, and more. By enhancing collaboration among employees, partners, and customers regardless of where they are, and by improving context, insights, accuracy and efficiency gained from true 3D, Prism helps make organization work better.

Our platform brings together the latest advances in mixed reality technology powered by enterprise-class cloud services from Microsoft Azure. This partnership between Object Theory and Microsoft allows customer data to be hosted securely on Azure and seamlessly deployed anywhere around the world to a variety of devices. With Prism and Azure, your content is highly-available, scalable, and secure using Azure’s diverse array of cloud services.

Create spaces for each project and keep them for as long as they’re needed. Organize 2D and 3D project files in each space. Walk around large models such as buildings in true-scale mode for an accurate sense of scale. With a shareable web link, invite others anywhere in the world to experience your Prism spaces either on their own or collaboratively in real-time. Avatars and 3D chat create a genuine sense of presence.  

Prism Overview

Our mixed reality platform, Prism, unlocks the power of 3D to improve business productivity across your entire organization.

To get started, download Prism for free to your HoloLens. Then visit to experience curated spaces or make your own. Get ready to experience your content in mixed reality.

Manage your content
Manage each project in its own space. Easily create spaces and populate them by uploading 3D and 2D content via drag-and-drop in any browser, including animated 3D models.

Experience your spaces
View, interact with, and organize your content in 3D for a wide variety of use cases. Experience 3D models at tabletop size or true-scale with teleportation.

Collaborate with others
Collaborate with local and remote teams using avatars and 3D chat. Invite people anywhere in the world by sharing a link. Securely control view and edit access. Communicate visually with virtual laser pointers and 3D line drawings. 

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