Deep technical expertise and design innovation

We specialize in understanding how to apply Microsoft HoloLens and Windows Mixed Reality technologies to our clients' unique business challenges, and identifying their most valuable opportunity spaces. Our passion is creating amazing mixed reality experiences for our clients. While most of our focus today is on the Microsoft HoloLens device, Windows Mixed Reality will power an assortment of devices along the mixed reality spectrum, from augmented reality to virtual reality. This includes the Windows Mixed Reality Immersive Headsets. We have expertise in Windows Mixed Reality design & development, regardless of the device that is ultimately used for that experience. We’re small enough to be nimble while having the right breadth of skills to provide end-to-end services. And, as the world’s first HoloLens company and a Microsoft Mixed Reality Partner Program member, we are uniquely positioned to bring our expertise to organizations seeking to innovate in this exciting space.


Envisioning Workshops • User Experience • Business Strategy • Product Development • Launch Marketing • Event & Demo Planning • Communications Strategy • Device Management • Concept Validation • Formative User Research


Interaction Design • Conceptual Prototyping • Storyboarding • 3D Model Creation and Optimization • Natural User Interfaces (NUI) • Spectator View Videography • Sound Design • Evaluative User Research


Application Development • Technical Prototyping • Windows Mixed Reality • Systems Integration • Spatial HRTF Audio • Unity • C# • Windows 10 APIs • Fiducial Markers • Object Persistence • QA Testing

Why Object Theory?

• We work collaboratively with our clients, as partners, keeping them involved and informed every step of the way.
• We are committed to delighting our customers with high quality products.
• We are an official Microsoft Mixed Reality Partner Program member, with direct access to Microsoft Windows Mixed Reality and HoloLens team experts.
• We are the world’s first HoloLens and Windows Mixed Reality company, having launched in June 2015.
• As a company, we have over 2.5 years of dedicated HoloLens experience (pre-release and post-release), as well as several months of pre-release Windows Mixed Reality experience.
• As a team, we have over 3 years of dedicated HoloLens experience (pre-release and post-release). One of our founders was Principal Lead on the Microsoft HoloLens team, bringing with him invaluable knowledge, insights, and relationships.
• Our technical artists know how to create exceptional 3D experiences that are optimized for the unique constraints of HoloLens and Windows Mixed Reality.
• Our creative and technical teams are comprised of some of the best talent available, having worked with, and for, AAA games, top agencies, and Fortune 100 companies.
• We are creating the future of mixed reality experiences with HoloLens and Windows Mixed Reality... today. And we want to help you bring your innovation vision to life!

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